About Asset Bin


Asset Bin is a new application which takes all the features of My Asset Bin and customizes them specifically for the business world. It allows multiple employees to keep track of their company’s assets from their computers, smart phones, or tablets. Easily add an asset, along with detailed information into the Asset Bin using any device. Once logged in, you can view detailed reports using multiple filters to analyze only the assets you choose. It will automatically accounts for asset appreciation and depreciation over time, so you never have to worry about updates. Asset Bin makes it easy to convert its detailed asset lists into an Excel document, and vice versa. Other intriguing features include a To Do list, calendar, and email which all help make Asset Bin the best place to keep your assets. Sign up and start your Basic package for FREE, or add up to 10 + authorized users for your business for a small monthly fee. Always have information on your company’s assets no matter where you are.