What is it used for?

Asset Bin is your business’s online, mobile, asset list. Allows you and your employees to keep track of your assets no matter where you are.


Why should I pay for a premium plan?

A premium plan allows your business to add more assets, as well as more authorized users, so they as well can access the company’s Asset Bin.


How is Asset Bin different than My Asset Bin?

Asset Bin differs from My Asset Bin in the fact that Asset Bin is designed specifically for businesses, it allows multiple users to access the account, as well as lets you add more assets to your bin.


Why Asset Bin?

Lets you keep a comprehensive list of all your assets in one spot. Analyze assets through detailed reports, keep on top of your assets with your To-Do List, quickly and easily find your asset’s information. Asset Bin gives 21st century technology to your company’s asset list.


Why is it so easy to use?

The detailed dashboard’s design allows for easy navigation, you can find all the features you need on the dashboard. Asset Bin also does mostly all the work for you. View detailed reports and charts produced by Asset Bin, also keep track of the up to the moment value of your assets with the finance tab.